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The Birth of a Galaxy - Creating a sci-fi series, one planet at a time...

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Welcome to The Birth of a Galaxy - the new blog about writing a YA sci-fi/fantasy book series

Writing as a Career

I've spent a lifetime writing; my resume will tell you that I've been a technical writer, a marketing agent, and a communications officer for the Government of Canada. It paid the bills but it was often very repetitive. And no matter how creative or how inventive I got to be, my words were always owned by someone else. I've always found that I need a side writing project on the go to keep my imagination active. I've written and directed a few short films, as well as a CD but in terms of my short stories and novels, I've largely kept my works of fiction to myself. That changes in 2023.

Unleashing my Imagination on the World

This year I will be publishing Project Human: First Contact. This is the first book in a series that was originally meant to be a tv show (more about that in another blog entry). This wild adventure was a long time in the making because there was so much worldbuilding. In this blog, I plan to be as open as I can about all of these elements to give you a behind the scenes glimpse into my head. Hopefully I will not live to regret this, lol.

As I begin to stretch my tentacles out into the world, I find a lot of young writers asking interesting questions about the writing process, where writers get their ideas, etc.

I therefore decided to include posts about my process in worldbuilding on other planets, creating characters that connect, editing, plus all of the other things that I learn as I embark on this journey of self-publishing.

Are You Ready for a Wild Ride?

Thanks for being here. The joy's in the ride. Well, to be fair, for Olivia there was no joy in the ride that she got in the UFO because she was being chased by evil grey monsters, but that's all part of her story.

Please sign up to my email list for blog notifications, Kickstarter information, and to receive a free pre-publication chapter of Project Human: First Contact. It's a little thank you from me for your interest, and it lets you see if you like my writing before you shell out your bucks for a copy. I see that as a win-win. And I promise I won't spam you, if you don't spam me! :-)

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