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Bea Waters


I've been writing stories since childhood. Back then it was my way of coping with the incessant bullying, but today I hope to provide an escape into adventure for those who need one, while fostering a sense of belonging and cooperation. My favourite characters are the weirdos, those who have been downcast by the status quo because the future is never created by the status quo. My favourite themes center around the secrets we keep and the quest to find our community, our people.

I'm a Canadian. Since I'm self-publishing, I've decided to express pride in my culture by spelling words the Canadian way, like colour, flavour, and candour. I'm sorry if those words look weird, but I'm Canadian, so I'm sorry for everything. Yes, many of us Canucks who were taught to spell before the advent of spellcheckers still spell these words with a u. This would not be allowed if I published the traditional way but since I'm going my own way, I'm going full on. Besides, it's so much fun to do battle with my US spellchecking program.

If you would like to know more about my journey to becoming a published author and inside information on Project Human as it evolves, please join my mailing list and check out my blog under news.

Thanks for visiting!

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