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Project Human in the Media

Looking to learn more about Project Human? About Bea Waters? About what inspires her to write such crazy stories?

You're in luck! Here's a list of interviews and podcasts with the author of Project Human, Bea Waters. Enjoy!


Podcasts and Interviews

The Recap Sequence 

Hosts Ryan and Jamie dig into some of the themes found in Project Human, the creation of the cover art, descriptive writing, planning a 12 book series, and more!

The Lunchbox on CHSR 97.9 FM

Host Mark Kilfoil interviews Bea Waters about what inspired her to write a galaxy-wide Young Adult Sci-Fi series with roots in New Brunswick.

Attitude Era Live on KNNZ 89.1 FM: Episode 346

Hosts Scott "The Icon", The Big Swing, and The Modern Nightmare Mathis, interview Bea Waters about Project Human, carvings in Egyptian temples, and so much more!

 Interview starts at 47:07

Splat from the Past: Episode 1965

Host Tommy Kovac interviews Bea Waters about movies, acting, and about writing her first novel, Project Human.

Python's Paradise: Episode 765

Host Greg Gilbert interviews Bea Waters about many past creative endeavours including music and movies, and about the imminent release of her first novel, Project Human.

Lounging with the Lasses SE04 EP10 

Host Kylie Dixon talks to Bea Waters about bullying, and a single moment at the age of 11 that cemented her desire to be a writer.

Live Appearances

Meet the author: Live in Moncton, NB

July 27, 2024

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