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Project Human

Thirteen alien species are fighting over planet Earth, because we are their science project...

Project Human

Olivia Carpenter hates her life. The kids at school bully her... even her dad treats her like a disease. When Olivia runs away, she doesn't expect to be beamed up by telepathic aliens and transported halfway across the galaxy, where she discovers a universe teeming with intelligent life - including twelve alien tribes who have engineered human DNA to suit their needs. Caught in the crosshairs of a galactic tug of war, she's sworn to secrecy about her "Terran" origins until an attempt on her life forces her to trust her new alien friends with her identity. Will Olivia be able to unravel the mystery of Project Human before she's permanently silenced?

Available on Amazon Nov 25, 2023!

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Praise for Project Human

"This book was compelling and creative, and made me not want to put it down! Olivia has been taken to another planet for her own protection, and as she tries to stay alive she uncovers secrets upon secrets within the galaxy.

This wad so good, fast paced, and had a strong message of acceptance and teamwork that is so important for society!"

Kristy Wagner, Book Reviewer

"This novel propels you millions of light years and back again as you journey with Olivia Carpenter.  She embraces her emerging capabilities and sheds her childhood in the dirt of a Saskatchewan cornfield like the discarded husks after harvest.  A sensational marriage of ancient archetypes and interstellar science set in a world as tangible as your own home town.  A Space Opera for the 21st Century!" 

Daniel Perley, bibliophile

"I have been trying to find a good Science Fiction book since high school! This is the first one since than that has pulled me in immediately and kept me begging for more. I can’t wait to continue reading about the rest of Olivia’s journey!! This is a must read in my opinion!"

Katie Shivley, Book Reviewer and now a member of the Project Human street team!

"I have no idea how to do this story justice. Describing the plot would only mislead potential readers and could not describe the unique elements that make this book what it is. Features: aliens, interstellar travel and communication, advanced technology, self discovery, heroism, sacrifice, differences and the power of unity. Even if traditional science fiction is not your typical genre, I recommend giving this one a shot! Highly recommend for teens."

Jessica, Book Reviewer

"A cup of Marvel, a handful of Star Trek, a dash of folklore & what you get is an eclectic take on the origins of mankind."

Molly Neely, Book Reviewer

"Project Human is pure escapism. I read it twice and enjoyed it even more the second time."

Jenny Vardy, Author

The author, PB Mosher, a woman with long black hair wearing a fedora.

About Bea Waters

I've been writing stories since childhood. Back then it was my way of coping with the incessant bullying, but today I hope to provide an escape into adventure for those who need one, while fostering a sense of belonging and cooperation. My favourite characters are the weirdos, those who have been downcast by the status quo because the future is never created by the status quo. My favourite themes center around the secrets we keep and the quest to find our community, our people.

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